…Your Last Stop!

If you have experienced the frustrating roller coaster of “gain-lose-gain again” diet programs and continue to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight – The Renewal Point Metabolic Weight Loss Program will be your last stop!

Through years of careful study and remarkable success in helping his patients balance their weight – once and for all – Dr. Watts has discovered that metabolic balance is the missing ingredient. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Watts and his team, your weight management challenges are over!

For many people, weight management and body composition is a real challenge. The Renewal Point has a unique proven medical weight management and health program to assist you in achieving your healthy weight goals.

  • Team-up with health professionals trained in identifying the metabolism problems that have either held you back in the past or contribute to “yo-yo” weight fluctuations.
  • Individualized program.
  • Medication prescribed if needing to break carbohydrate and/or sugar addictions.
  • Our many graduates are healthier and more energetic having achieved their weight goals – not to mention that they look and feel great!

 Listen to what our patients have to say:

Jeff N. – Referred by a fellow dentist who had successfully lost weight and was noticeably looking more fit around the office. I decided to call for an interview concerning my own health issues. After three months of my own hormone balance including Testosterone and Human Growth Hormone and joining the Metabolic Weight Loss Program, I can say I feel more fit than I have in 20 years and have already lost 36 pounds.

Carl K. – Between a hectic career as music director of a local church and my family’s busy social calendar, I had put my health on the “back burner”. Before I knew it, I was 60 pounds heavier, no energy, on medication for hypertension and high cholesterol. Knowing I had to change something and following a recommendation by our senior pastor, I signed up for the weight loss program at The Renewal Point. Finally free of the 60 pounds of burdensome fat, I feel wonderful and am now saving doctor visits, being off the statin and blood pressure medication. My wife says she is so proud of me for making the changes.

Larry R. – After years of smoking and for dinner, neglecting my health, eating too many sausages for breakfast, hamburgers and airport food for lunch because of my ____, I had basically turned into a “Doughboy” who could barely make it around a golf course in a cart. My cardiovascular surgeon and friend warned it was only a matter of time until I would need to stint the muscle of my heart or legs as I could barely walk the end of the driveway due to pain in my calves. I was a mess and I knew it, but I couldn’t see a way out. Encouraged by my wife, I “bit the dirt” and called for a consultation with Dr. Watts. I now feel 15 years younger ____ walk around Siesta Key (about 8 miles) without pain or discomfort; lost 40 pounds and my wife tells me I look great! Oh yes, I quit smoking and my cardiovascular friend can feel pulses in my feet again – “A very good sign indeed” he tells me.

Are you…looking for Performance?

Dr. Watts, as a senior and athlete himself, knows and appreciates the desire for men to “stay in the game”, having our bodies operate at full function, whether it be physical prowess, our sports, sexual health or just plain looking fit and trim. He has years of experience working with professional athletes as well as weekend warriors who wish to peak their performance: world master’s record holder, tennis players, triathletes, swimmers, bikers, runners, etc.

Looking for Overall Health?

Prevention based, The Renewal Point is here to reduce and often eliminate health risks such as heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s. Through our Detect, Correct and Protect medical model, you will discover and address your potential health problems, while attending to the treatment of existing injuries and disease. Our goal is to enhance the quality and length of your lifespan.

Looking for Disease Reversal?

Diseases such as arthritis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and neurological degeneration will most likely progress unless something is done unless intervened upon. Working with your existing medical team of cardiologist, orthopedist, Internist, etc…in the traditional treatment approach, we can help by adding our integrated model of care. In this model of care, we look at the cause of the disease, eliminating toxins and nutritional deficiencies, enhancing genetic modifiers, (turn nasty genes off or good genes on) and improve hormone balance, inflammation and physical conditioning.