Jenny Califano, LE, HSS

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Jenny Califano, LE, HSS, is an Advanced Medical Aesthetician and Certified Holistic Skin Specialist who knew her career passion very early on ~ she became a Licensed Aesthetician/Esthetician before even graduating high school and now has over ten years of experience.  As a Holistic Skin Specialist, Jenny brings a complete approach to addressing skin concerns from the inside-out.  She focuses on both internal and external causes to be able to give patients the best options and plan for addressing their specific skin conditions.  


Learn the source of many skin conditions, including aging, hyperpigmentation, and acne and the novel ingredients that work to correct them permanently. Begin with a thorough consultation to discuss the positive changes you'd like to experience in your skin! You'll leave feeling empowered to take charge of the health of your skin.  Jenny's philosophy towards skincare it that: "Our skin has the ability to heal itself, we just need to provide it with the tools necessary to do so.  We have to bathe our skin and body with nutrition, anti-oxidant support, and ingredients that don't compromise our health in any way."