While Googling women’s health topics I came upon the usual quick fixes, miracle creams and over-hyped, questionable treatments, as well as many reputable practitioners. It was there I saw the words “The Hormone Wizard”. It’s a clever name for women seeking answers and relief for the often-mysterious health challenge known as menopause. If you’re seeking your own hormone “wizard” for your symptoms (mood swings, sleeping difficulties, sexual problems, hot flashes, memory loss, weight gain), let the Renewal Point show you how.

First, just a little history. Our understanding of women’s health – particularly the role hormones play – has grown exponentially over the years. Did you know that in 1898 German doctors fed cow ovaries to a woman who was suffering from hot flashes after her own ovaries had been removed? I’m sure women (and most cows) are happy that treatment is no longer used. Fast forward to the ‘60s and the promise of hormone therapy came into full bloom with no mention of the side effects synthetic hormones can cause. When a woman turned a certain age she was given Premarin or Prempro and told to have a good life.

If you’re seeking your own hormone “wizard” for your symptoms (mood swings, sleeping difficulties, sexual problems, hot flashes, memory loss, weight gain), let The Renewal Point show you how.

But, if you’re like most women, you’ve no doubt read the often confusing and contradictory studies about traditional HRT. It’s like you need a wizard of sorts to help you magically find your way and provide the answers.

At The Renewal Point we don’t have a magic wand. Instead we have real medicine, real science and over 20 years of treating women going through menopause. We do that by offering a personalized plan that takes into account the fact that as far as hormone balancing goes, one size does not fit all. Your hormones are as different and as unique as your fingerprint. We are able to measure those differences in blood, saliva or urine tests to find the imbalances. We then use the “detect and correct” method for adding back safe, natural bio-identical hormones. Most importantly, we balance all the hormones in order to have an optimal response.

Hormones work much like the instruments in an orchestra. If one of these instruments is out of tune, it throws the entire concert off. Here is a list of some of the more important “players”…

  • Thyroid – Energy, enthusiasm, weight control
  • Adrenal – Cortisol and DHEA (sometimes the most pesky and critical to balance) help you manage stress, fatigue and moodiness
  • Gonadal – Estradiol, Progesterone, Testosterone: femininity or masculinity, sexuality, brain function, skin, vaginal moisture, orgasm
  • Pituitary – Growth hormones: probably the number one anti-aging hormone
  • Brain Hormones – Seratonin, Dopamine, etc: communication central; controls all aspects of health (joy, brain power, memory, weight control, sugar and carb cravings)

Here’s the story of a woman who came into the Renewal Point. Shelly was 55, married, the mother of two, and grandmother of three when we met in my office. She told me that her life should be happy and pleasant, but unfortunately it was not. She previously had a hysterectomy, tended to experience carb cravings and had a hunger for fast food, drank two glasses of wine per day, exercised three times per week, took multi-vitamins and had tried Premarin in the past, but discontinued because of the side effects.

She also complained of weight gain, feeling “flabby”, vaginal dryness and a lack of sex drive. She experienced some emotional symptoms as well; poor sleep, irritability, hot flashes, a lack of mental focus and low energy. Does this sound like you?

We ran comprehensive tests and her labs revealed multiple hormone abnormalities that involved her thyroid, insulin, testosterone, estrogen, DHEA and growth hormone levels. Armed with that information, we were able to turn her life around by balancing her hormones into optimal levels. Consequently, all of her emotional symptoms and complaints disappeared.

In addition, Shelly lost 30 pounds, sleeps like a baby, and now enjoys her life. Her sex life has been restored, she experiences emotional wellbeing, and has more than enough energy left at the end of the day to play with the grandkids.

What magic did we perform at Renewal Point? No magic wand was used! What we did for Shelly was a comprehensive evaluation followed by thorough testing, completed with bio-identical hormones. And that’s what we can offer you as well. Come to one of our free seminars and see what we’re all about, visit our office and ask all the questions you may have.