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About The Renewal Point

With numerous Board Certifications and over 30 years of experience Dr. Dan Watts, MD, ND, MSNM and his team are experts in the Science and Art of Integrative and Functional Medicine. 

Integrative and Functional Medicine, also known as Personalized Medicine, is a specialty of medicine that takes a holistic approach, meaning that we take into account many factors, such as environment, symptoms, nutrition, genes, and lab values, in order to determine the root cause of your medical issues and restore your health and well-being.

Over 30 years combined experience in Integrative & Functional Medicine
Combined Post-Graduate Degrees
Over 50 years combined experience in medicine and nursing
Combined Board Certifications
Post - Doctoral Fellowship / Certification / Residency

Dr. Watts, MD, ND, MSNM

Dr. Watts has been practicing surgery, family medicine and gynecology for over 35 years. He has been practicing Integrative and Functional Medicine for over 20 years of those and is Quadruple Board Certified. As an individual dedicated to personally leading an active lifestyle, he understands the desire to remain energetic and healthy through the years. 

Going above and beyond minimal credentialing and training, he is qualified in the advances of conservative surgery, reproductive surgery, and is a member of the Society of Minimally Invasive Therapy. He is past-President of the Sarasota County Medical Association and a member of the Surgery Board of Directors. He has been registered in Best Doctors in America as one of the leading physicians in Florida, and is a professor at the University of South Florida and LECOM, College of Medicine.

Dr. Watts is committed to working in a partnership with his patients and providing a comfortable, private environment for patients to receive the medical care they need. “At The Renewal Point, we are a medical team that is committed to health and wellness. We assist our patients in looking and feeling their best through personalized, preventative, and regenerative therapies.”

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Ready to Get Started?

If you're ready to take the next step in balancing your health we offer multiple ways to reach out for your convenience and encourage you to connect with us to answer any questions you have.  Health is complicated but our specialized staff is standing by to help!

Try Our Interactive Survey

We offer a quick online survey to help determine if you are a candidate for natural hormone balancing.  The survey is quick and generally takes between 2-5 minutes.  We offer this as a free service to guide you in your journey to better health.

The Four Cornerstones of Health

By focusing on Personalized Medicine and the Four Cornerstones of Health – Bio-identical Hormone Balancing, Nutritional Health, Physical Conditioning, and Toxin Elimination – we have been able to help our patients not only recover from major illness and disease but also achieve optimal physical, emotional, and mental health.  At The Renewal Point, we believe you can spend the rest of your life discovering new levels of vitality and vigor – not simply trying to rescue what’s left.
Bio-identical Hormone Balancing

Retrain your body to function at an optimal level...balance your hormones, balance your life.

Nutritional Health

By reducing/eliminating food allergies and creating nutritional balance, you can reach your mind-body goals.

Physical Conditioning

Matching the right program to your individual needs is key to finding balance, strength, and flexibility.

Toxin Elimination

Toxins stockpile in our organs and systems...eliminating/reducing them has a plethora of benefits.