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Breakthroughs in Natural Hormone...

  Dr. Watts was interviewed about Natural Hormone Balancing on the International radio show, Healthy Planet 1.  Some of the topics covered in this interview: What’s the difference between bio-identical/natural hormones and synthetic hormones? Which hormones are involved in natural hormone balancing? Are there any long or short term side-effects […]
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Bioidentical Hormone Balancing Part 2...

Part 2 of the Bio-identical Hormone Balancing seminar. In this video, Dr. Watts covers Stressor/Adrenal Hormones…. – What happens when these types of hormones stay up for too long? – How can you tell if you have a cortisol/adrenal imbalance? – What can be done about it?
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Bioidentical Hormone Balancing 2020...

Men and women can both be affected by hormone imbalances but there’s something that can be done!  Learn how bio-identical hormones can help both men and women discover new levels of health, vigor, and vitality.   Also included are patient stories, as well as questions and answers from our online viewers […]
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Bio-identical Hormone Balancing and...

Video of Bio-identical Hormone Balancing and Perimenopause Q & A with Dr. Watts In this 4 minute interview, Dr. Watts addresses misconceptions about hormone balancing and why he chooses to use Bio-identical Hormones to help his patients feel and look their best!
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Age Management and Male Menopause...

Video of Age Management and Male Menopause (Andropause) Q & A with Dr. Watts What exactly is Anti-Aging Medicine? What are the symptoms of male menopause (andropause)?  By balancing testosterone and other hormones, we can help you maintain the highest quality of life for as long as possible. Correcting the […]
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Bioidentical Hormone and Neuroadrenal...

Video of Bio-identical Hormone and NeuroAdrenal Balancing Q & A with Dr. Watts What are the lesser known symptoms of hormone imbalances? Brain hormones? Depression? Get a glimpse into Dr. Watts’ personal struggle with depression when he was younger.
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The Gut, Brain, Body Connection –...

Video of The Gut, Brain, Body Connection How does gut bacteria affect our cravings? Does gut bacteria actually change the way we think? Your gut health is incredibly related to your overall health, even emotions ~ so if your gut health is off, you are probably feeling pretty bad overall. […]
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Inflammation and IBS Q & A with Dr....

Video of Inflammation Q & A with Dr. Watts What are the symptoms of Inflammation? What’s happening in the body with inflammation? Irritable bowel syndrome? What advice does Dr. Watts have for people looking for natural ways to reduce inflammation?
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Toxins in Our Environment ~ Q & A...

Video of Toxins in Our Environment Q & A with Dr. Watts How are environmental toxins affecting us? What’s the Dirty Dozen? Seven billion pounds of environmental toxins are being dumped into our air and water each year. These heavy metals, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides then enter our bodies – […]
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What Is Integrative Medicine?

Video of What is Integrative Medicine? At The Renewal Point, we value evidenced-based medicine and education, which leads us to use an integrative approach, combining the most reliable and effective therapies from traditional, metabolic, functional, and regenerative medicine.
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About Dr. Watts

Video of About Dr. Watts Q and A with Dr. Watts’ about his career and academic path…. from managing an Emergency Room and Nursing Home…to being an OBGYN and Minimally Invasive Surgeon….to Anti-Aging Medicine….and, now, Metabolic Endocrinology and Integrative Medicine!
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Seminars – No-Brainers for Brain...

Video of No Brainers for Brain Health Toxins, nutrients, age, genetics….these all play a role in how our brains function.  We actually have a lot more control over brain power than previously thought!  Watch this semianr to learn more about the things that you can do to optimize your brain.
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