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Bio-Identical Hormone Balancing

With over 30 years of experience and numerous board certifications and credentials, Dr. Watts, MD, ND, MSNM is an expert in the Science and Art of Bio-identical Hormone Balancing.


Integrative Gynecology

Recurring gynecological problems aren’t just a bother…they can really get in the way of leading a happy, healthy, productive life. Treating the problem at it's source is key to stopping it for good!
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Brain Health

Testing and correcting for imbalances in nutrition, neurotransmitters, and genetics play a central role in getting to the source of brain health problems so that you can live your best life!

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Age Management

Our approach to Age Management focuses on the four cornerstones of health: Toxin Elimination, Hormone Balancing, Nutritional Health, and Physical Conditioning. At The Renewal Point, we look beyond symptom relief ~ we work to treat the problems at their source!

Digestive Health

Digestive Health

IBS, Diarrhea, Cramping, don't have to live with these symptoms! Your gut health is incredibly related to your overall health, even emotions ~ so if your gut health is off, you are probably feeling pretty bad overall. It's time to feel good again with our test and correct method!

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Testosterone and Male Hormones

Low T can be a huge problem for men, but that's not the only male hormone that causes trouble. Correcting the imbalances (Low T and others) achieves rejuvenation of the body, brain, and other “critical areas”.


Toxin Elimination

Seven billion pounds of environmental toxins are being dumped into our air and water each year. These heavy metals, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides stockpile in our bodies, literally stealing our health.  We can help!

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IV Therapy

IV Therapy is a branch of Integrative, Functional, and Metabolic Medicine which focuses on administering vitamins and nutraceuticals directly into the vein in order to achieve much higher levels of nutrients as compared to the oral route.


Nutritional Health

A branch of integrative and functional medicine that uses nutritional testing, assessment, and consultation to optimize health. It focuses on reducing/eliminating food allergies, creating nutritional balance, and reaching your mind/body you can live life to its fullest!

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Unique Labs

Health issues can be a result of one or many things, such as.... toxins, hormone imbalances, neuroadrenal imbalances, genetic abnormalities/changes, and thyroid issues...just to name a few. This is why we start with testing ~ we want to make sure that your treatment plan is personalized to your specific needs.

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CKC Strength and Conditioning

We use a researched, tested, and novel approach to fitness, developed by David Luedeka, MS, DPT and carried out at The Renewal Point by Matt Jones, Certified Personal Trainer, ACSM-CPT, using the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer.

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Weight Loss

What we’ve found – having treated women and men for many years - is that almost everyone who has a weight problem has hidden imbalances, making it practically impossible to lose weight. We find those imbalances and fix them!

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Have you been struggling with sleeping, insomnia, focusing, and/or energy? You aren't alone! And, in fact, this is one of the most common issues for which patients come to us.  It's time for you to get some zzz's!


Female Sexual Dysfunction

Female Sexual Dysfunction affects approximately 40% of women and includes problems such as inability to orgasm, painful intercourse, low libido, low/absent sexual arousal, and aversion to sex. The great news is that we can address all of these issues!