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Are you looking to... Get your game back? Get your figure back? Gain balance and stability? Recover from injury? Get relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain? Increase good cholesterol and cardiorespiratory fitness? Improve physical performance (golf, sports competition, etc)? If you answered yes to ANY ONE of these, then the CKC Fitness program, utilizing the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer, is just what you are looking for! We use a researched, tested, and novel approach to fitness, developed by David Luedeka, MS, DPT. From the person recovering from a major fall to the professional athlete looking to increase their skills, our fitness program can help! You will be tested to find out where imbalances, injuries, and weaknesses lie and then our Medical Fitness Professional will design an individualized program to be executed on the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer at The Renewal Point.
Want to get your game back? The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer provides assistance until you can do resistance. This means that whether you are just starting out in a workout routine or are a seasoned athlete, this program will help you strengthen and tone your muscles.
Want your figure back? Strength and conditioning is proven to be one of the keys to long term weight loss. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer maximizes metabolic conditioning (fat burn) through the use of individualized variations in exercise type, intensity, and amount.
Feeling off-balance? You're not alone! Almost everyone has differences between the right and left side, causing issues ranging from mild back pain to a serious fall. The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer will assist you in doing proper single leg functional exercises so that you can develop balanced strength and stability in your muscles and joints.
Recovering from injury? The Luedeka Body Weight Trainer uses a closed chain training system with progressive resisted exercise to ensure proper form and equalized strength between the upper and lower body ~ allowing for safe recovery, joint stabilization, and prevention of further injury.
Need pain relief in your back, neck, or shoulders? The functional and closed chain system of the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer helps ensure that stress (load) is placed exactly where it is needed, and never where it isn't...allowing for functional movement and joint stabilization, which are both essential components for pain relief.
Looking for better heart health? Workouts on the Luedeka Body Weight Trainer maximize metabolic conditioning which helps increase good cholesterol and overall cardiorespiratory fitness.

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CKC Strength and Conditioning

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