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Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

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Female Sexual Dysfunction affects approximately 40% of women and includes problems such as inability to orgasm, painful intercourse, low libido, low/absent sexual arousal, and aversion to sex. While having just one of these issues is tough enough, around 23% of woman are affected by 2 or more of these. The great news is that we can usually address all of these issues successfully!
While the ability to have pleasure through sex and orgasm is plenty enough reason to fix the problem, Female Sexual Dysfunction is also linked to a number of other problems that warrant attention…quality of life, relationship, health, and intimacy.
Female Sexual Dysfunction can arise from a number of issues including hormone imbalances, anatomical changes/anomalies, trauma/abuse, and medications (ie: anti-depressants, contraception, chemotherapy). Additionally, sexually transmitted infections/diseases can greatly interfere with a healthy sex life.
We utilize physical exams, diagnostic tests, and lab work to determine the cause of their concerns and then formulates a plan of care to address their specific issues and medical needs.
Sometimes the treatment is as simple as prescribing therapies (hormones, libricants, scream creams, oxytocin troches, etc) or using trigger point injections; and, other times it may require addressing a physical condition or anomaly that may be present.
Depending on the issue, the treatment may be fully completed in the office or we may work in conjunction with a counselor and/or specialty surgeon. Whatever the problem is, we are here to help and all patient care and correspondence is completed privately and confidentially.

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Female Sexual Dysfunction

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