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Integrative Gynecology

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Integrative Gynecology

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Integrative Gynecology combines your traditional yearly exam with holistic approaches and consultation to address any other symptoms, concerns, or issues you might be experiencing. We also take into consideration wellness markers such as hormones, toxins, nutrition, etc to determine the best direction of care for optimal wellness. Helena Williams, ARNP, MS (Advanced Nurse Practitioner) is available for those who would like a female provider.
We see women of all ages and with all different kinds of gynecological issues. UTIs, yeast infections, dryness, low libido, and hormone imbalances are some of the main issues that we treat, but the list definitely doesn't stop there. If you are experiencing any of these issues or any others, especially if they are chronic or recurring, we encourage you to schedule an appointment or come to an upcoming seminar for more information.
We provide our services in a comfortable environment where you are given time to have open communication with your healthcare provider. Research shows that health outcomes are better when this occurs!
Recurring gynecological problems aren’t just a bother…they can really get in the way of leading a happy, healthy, productive life. In fact, gynecological issues can contribute to emotional trouble, relationship/intimacy problems, and physical issues. Treating the problem at it's source is key to stopping it for good!
We use a combination of treatments and therapies including but not limited to: suppositories, supplements, bio-identical hormones, nutrition, creams, and injections.

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Integrative Gynecology

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