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IV Therapy

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IV Therapy is a branch of Integrative and Metabolic Medicine which focuses on administering vitamins and nutraceuticals directly into the vein. The advantage of IV Therapy is that we are able to achieve much higher levels of nutrients as compared to the oral route. IV Therapy is usually used in conjunction with other therapies. We enjoy working closely with other specialty providers in order to meet the needs of our patients.
Reasons people participate in IV Therapy: Maintain or improve current state of health; slow the effects of aging and disease process; minimize the effects of colds or the flu; improve athletic performance; prepare for or recover from surgical procedures; remove toxic levels of heavy metals and chemicals; better manage stress and its effects on health.
Benefits of IV Therapy at The Renewal Point: Baseline testing for optimal treatment protocols; medical oversight for all protocols; highly skilled and experienced infusion staff; infusion room designed for privacy and comfort; Wi-Fi Connection in the infusion room (many patients work from the infusion room).
Chelating agents have been used in medicine for over 70 years as a treatment for acute and chronic mercury, iron, arsenic, lead, uranium, plutonium, and other toxic metal poisoning. We have helped hundreds of patients achieve higher quality of life and health through IV therapy.

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