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Toxin Elimination

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Seven billion pounds of environmental toxins are being dumped into our air and water each year. These heavy metals, chemicals, herbicides, and pesticides then enter our bodies – stockpiling in our brain, heart, bones, liver, and other organs – literally stealing our health. These destructive agents load up in our body in the form of toxic metals and other harmful chemicals that simply cannot be shed by normal body processes.
We are developing man-made toxins and chemicals by the thousands. Common toxins include: mercury (tuna fish and dental amalgams), phthalates (plastics and household cleaners), pesticides (food and juices from grocery stores), and toluene (household polishers and cleaners). These man-made chemicals such as herbicides, pesticides, and industrial chemicals are listed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) as poisons.
Chances are you’ve been exposed to many chemicals that are potentially very toxic to your system. If you are experiencing symptoms such as cardiovascular disease, neurological problems, fatigue or cancer, you should consider being tested for toxins.
We use our detect and correct method to rid your body of toxins. First, we run tests to determine exactly which toxins are in your body. Then, we deploy the correlating method to rid your body of the toxins.

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Toxin Elimination

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