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Weight Loss Program

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Weight Loss Program

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This is a unique and proven medical weight loss program to assist you in achieving your healthy weight goals. Metabolic and hormone balancing have been found to be major components in long term weight loss.
Under the guidance of Dr Watts and his supportive medical team, patients have the opportunity to use the most modern methods available for weight loss such as FDA approved prescriptions, hormone balancing, Lipotropic injections, and a personalized activity and nutrition plan.
What we’ve found – having treated women and men at The Renewal Point for many years - is that almost everyone who has a weight problem has hidden imbalances forcing the body to work against itself, making it practically impossible to lose weight.
We employ a detect and correct approach. We first use laboratory tests to find out what’s going on inside of you, then we create a customized plan for you.
By controlling metabolic and hormonal imbalances, we are able to not only correct your weight problems but also many other problems holding you back from your optimal physical and emotional health.

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Weight Loss Program

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