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“The results of supplementing and balancing my hormonal and nutrient levels was nothing short of miraculous! I fought for years to control the middle age spread and my cardiovascular numbers were heading south. I worked out and dieted with little result. Within six months of beginning my program with Dr. Watts, my cholesterol, blood pressure, and other health indicators were within normal ranges.My body slimmed up, and I began to convert that fat to muscle. I look and feel ten years younger!”

My energy level has increased tremendously, I feel physically much better with fewer issues with my Rheumatoid Arthritis and Crohn's disease, I have lost weight, I think clearer, and I no longer crave sweets. Dr. Watts and The Renewal Point staff are very caring and knowledgeable, and really make me feel that they care about me. They made me feel as though I was part of their "family" rather than just another patient. Dr. Watts has made such a difference in my life with his medical knowledge of natural hormone replacement and immune system issues causing inflammation flares with my RA and Crohns. He has so much knowledge in natural medicine, bio-identical hormones, inflammation triggers, and takes his time explaining to me about how everything is connected together and how one thing can cause so many different issues throughout the entire body. He did very thorough testing before prescribing any medication, hormone replacement, or other supplements to help me lose weight and regain back my energy. Unlike other doctors, he actually took time to talk to me about what's going on and why and made me feel that he genuinely cares about me.

I have the greatest respect and admiration for Dr. Watts. Because of his intense interest in my health and well-being, I am 83 years old and feel wonderful. I am able to enjoy all the activities that I did when I was 50 and 60. Dr. Watts is special, in that he listens to his patients and works with them to make their lives healthy and happy. We need more "Dr. Watts" in our area. He is the best.

I feel better, healthier, and more physically fit. I have already referred friends and family and I would tell anyone who is interested in The Renewal Point...It will change your life!

I feel and look like a new person! Dr. Watts and all his staff are very personable, take time to listen to you, and are always very helpful with any questions. I have been really pleased with the care and customer service of the whole office. If I have a question, someone returns my call quickly, and always friendly. I have my energy back and feel great! Love everyone!

How can I ever thank Dr. Watts and his team at Renewal Point enough? After 2 years of symptoms with "unknown" causes and countless appointments with doctors, Dr. Watts was such a breathe of fresh air! He and his team at Renewal Point definitely know what they're doing! The entire staff are professional, timely and there to answer any of my million questions with a smile. Dr. Watts ran comprehensive studies and took ample time to explain and make sure I understood the results. He was able to put my mind at ease and provide me with answers within 6 weeks of entering their doors. I am feeling better today than I have in years! I cannot recommend the Renewal Point enough. Thank you to Dr. Watts and the whole team at Renewal Point for taking such good care of me. -Blair