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Weight Loss Struggles?

Let’s take a closer look at your thyroid...beyond the routine screening tests!

When Ms. M. L., a 45-year-old mother of two, came to The Renewal Point for a consult, she asked if I could help her with a frustrating problem. “I’m so depressed and fatigued that I don’t feel like stepping outside my house. I feel cold all the time. I’ve gained twenty pounds around my middle in the last few months and haven’t changed anything. I exercise, eat well, and take supplements. What do you think is going on?  I have all the symptoms of Hypothyroidism, yet my doctor tells me my lab tests are all normal.”

I explained to her that the thyroid gland acts like a set of internal batteries. When these “batteries” are fully-charged, your body works at peak efficiency to keep you slim and revitalized.  However, when conditions such as aging, autoimmune problems, nutrient deficiency, or high stress come into the picture, the thyroid can fade ~ a condition called Hypothyroidism. When this happens, your “batteries” power down and lead to symptoms of low energy and weight gain.

This encounter with people like M. L. is actually not unusual at all. Quite often, I see patients who come to my office with "normal" lab screening results, yet they are still battling weight gain and all the other symptoms of Hypothyroidism.

A quick scan of their lab tests usually reveals their thyroid profile was not complete. After running a full panel on them, I find that they are indeed Hypothyroid.

In this day of nutrient-deficient diets and our “pedal to the metal” lifestyle with adrenal gland imbalances running amuck, your thyroid gland may not be able to convert enough T4 to T3, the active and fat-burning hormones.  Without that conversion taking place, it's nearly impossible to lose weight and feel better through diet and exercise alone.  This is just one of the many subtleties that isn't picked up in a routine screening panel. 

But, what about M. L.?  She got a new set of "batteries"! Within a few short months of treatment, her thyroid hormones returned to normal, her energy was restored, her cloud of depression disappeared, and she was able to lose the belly fat. 

While the thyroid is one of the main culprits in weight loss struggles, there are a list of other hormones that can be holding you back from reaching your goals. We use precision and accuracy with our test and correct method of bio-identical hormone balancing, so that we are able to pinpoint the exact area that needs to be addressed and get you on track to reach your goals.

If you've been dieting and exercising with little or no results...or have just been too exhausted or depressed to even think about starting a weight loss program, I encourage you to call (941) 926-4905, email (, or come to one of my upcoming seminars.


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