Did you know that virtually everyone can maintain a healthy sex drive and experience enjoyment at any age? So for this Valentine’s season, let’s see how we can keep that flame going by restoring youthful, sexual vitality for life!

Historically one of the most distressing side effects of aging has been a loss of one’s sexuality including romance, performance and satisfaction.

Many men experience a decrease in erections while women notice a decline in overall sexual desire and enjoyment. No doubt this is an area of great frustration! In turn, relationships are challenged since healthy sexual function is so linked to intimacy.

What makes sex great?

Aside from romance and passion, a healthy libido requires certain hormones to be balanced and flowing.

When low levels or an imbalance of hormones occurs, the ability to engage in healthy sex is challenging. Sex can be unsatisfying, difficult or even impossible. Correcting the imbalance achieves rejuvenation of the body, brain and other more “critical areas”. Simple lab tests can detect these imbalances and safe, natural hormone replacement can correct the problem.

  • Estrogen: Improves menopausal symptoms, vaginal lubrication, brain function, sexual desire, orgasm, skin, hair, nails, and breast fullness.
  • Progesterone: Helps promote romantic moods, libido, sleep, and assists in the prevention of breast cancer.
  • Testosterone: Ignites the fuel for virility in men (erection), and increases libido, orgasm, and brain function in both women and men.
  • DHEA: Enhances mood, desire, receptivity, performance and pleasure.
  • Serotonin: Increases joy and intimacy. (Treatment for depression with drugs to correct serotonin, such as SSRI’s, i.e., Prozac, Zoloft, actually decreases libido and orgasms).
  • Dopamine: Increases desire, interest and performance (especially in men).
  • Gaba: Enhances orgasm, mood and sexual wellness (especially in women).

At The Renewal Point we run tests for these hormones in both women and men, and then correct the problem.  There are so many options these days!

It’s always rewarding to see how restoring someone’s sexuality also has a positive influence on other aspects of their life, such as self confidence, clearer communication abilities, and an overall desire to want more out of life!

Keep in mind that it’s important to be in the hands of an expert when it comes to hormone balancing ~ it’s definitely not a one size fits all and there will need to be adjustments made along the way as our bodies are constantly changing.

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