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Medical Aesthetic and Skin Care Products

06/02/2008 - 2:34am

You may remember Junior High Science class. They taught us that "your skin is the largest organ in your body". And we thought "wow" … and perhaps never gave it another thought. But if your skin really is your largest organ, might it also be your most important? Your Skin REFLECTS Your Health The health of your skin can – and does – impact the health of virtually every other organ and function in our body. Not to mention how critical the health of our skin is to the way we look and feel. Do you have a Plan for taking care of your skin? At The Renewal Point, we believe taking care of your skin...

Anti-Aging and Age Management Program

05/26/2008 - 8:17pm

There’s More to LIFE…and here’s how to find it... Visualize your life in 10 years or 20…or 30. Are you more or less active? More or less involved with your kids or grand kids? Are you starting new projects, meeting new people, advancing a career or starting a new one… …or just hanging on? In our society today, 80% of health care dollars are spent in the last 20% of life.  That also means that a large part of the later years in life are also spent in doctor’s offices or hospitals, monitoring ailments and limiting or even avoiding the very activities and pursuits that make life its richest....

Nutritional Metabolic Weight Loss Management Program

05/26/2008 - 8:07pm

…Your Last Stop! If you have experienced the frustrating roller coaster of “gain-lose-gain again” diet programs and continue to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight – The Renewal Point Metabolic Weight Loss Program will be your last stop! Through years of careful study and remarkable success in helping his patients balance their weight – once and for all – Dr. Watts has discovered that metabolic balance is the missing ingredient. Under the watchful eye of Dr. Watts and his team, your weight management challenges are over! For many people, weight management and body composition is a real...