The short comings of contemporary medicine…

“Contemporary views of human disease are  based on simple correlations between clinical syndromes and pathological analysis which date back to the late 19th century.  While this approach to disease diagnosis, prognosis, and treatment has served the medical establishment and society well for many years, it has serious shortcomings for the modern era.”  says Dr Joseph Loscalzo, Professor of Medicine, Harvard.

The Dawn of Personalized Medicine – Functional Genomics..

 Kara B, a married business consultant and mother of three high school aged children, was the picture of health until she reached 55.  Her wellbeing, vim and vigor started to deteriorate:  joint aches and pains, trouble maintaining weight, cognition problems, heart irregularities, anxiety and  sleep  issues.  She was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, depression/anxiety, and paroxysmal atrial fibrillation…and subsequently prescribed pain meds, antidepressant, and blood thinner.

 “Where to turn?” she wondered.  Hoping that Functional and Integrative Therapy might offer some clues, she sought the help of The Renewal Point. 

When Kara met with me in my office for a New Patient Consultation, she said her goal was to get back to her original good health without requiring so much pharmaceutical medication.  I promised her we would look for answers.

Her initial lab work demonstrated low levels of gonadal and thyroid hormones.  While natural hormone therapy helped considerably,  she still felt as if she were unable to maintain the high energy and competency level she expected from herself with her family and work. 

Fortunately for Kara, our practice now offers a new Genomic profile of 160 genes, called the MaxGen;  a gene study directed at the interaction between her unique genome, environment, and lifestyle.  Personalized gene studies, such as this, are truly a breakthrough in Integrative and Functional Medicine in two ways…

Genomics Profiles:

1.  Shed light on the root cause of physical problems.

2.  Offer keys in developing a personalized intervention program.

Kara’s Personalized Program; her Genomic Makeover Plan

Adjusting for 160 genes, practitioners at The Renewal Point were able to optimize Kara’s diet, exercise, nutrition, supplements and sleep patterns.  Her genetic profile revealed, among many other things, that;  1) Kara would lose weight more easily on a low glycemic diet rather than the intermittent fasting she had been trying for years.  2) Over two cups of coffee may be adding to her heart problems (she was drinking around five cups a day).  3)  Certain genetic methylation defects added to her anxiety and sleep problems, and could be corrected with the right B vitamins.  4)  A gene affecting vitamin D receptors  increased the incidence of Fibromyalgia…we can target the root problem  5)  She was more able to gain muscle and lose fat with a specialized Closed Kinetic Chain exercise program (CKC Fitness)  than the aerobic program she had been doing for years while seeing no improvement.

Following her Genomic Makeover Plan, Kara was able to get her health & mojo back.  She lost the weight that had plagued her for years, firmed up her body with her new personalized exercise plan and was able to go off her pain meds prescribed for Fibromyalgia, her Psych meds for depression and sleep, and her blood thinner medication. – According to her doctors, she no longer needed them.