There’s More to LIFE…and here’s how to find it…

Visualize your life in 10 years or 20…or 30. Are you more or less active? More or less involved with your kids or grand kids? Are you starting new projects, meeting new people, advancing a career or starting a new one…

…or just hanging on?

In our society today, 80% of health care dollars are spent in the last 20% of life.  That also means that a large part of the later years in life are also spent in doctor’s offices or hospitals, monitoring ailments and limiting or even avoiding the very activities and pursuits that make life its richest.

Change the Course – Change the Outcome!

At The Renewal Point, we believe you can spend the rest of your life discovering new levels of vitality and vigor – not simply trying to rescue what’s left.

In fact, through The Renewal Point Age Management Program, hundreds of people are finding that the “typical” symptoms of aging can be slowed down, stopped…or reversed! 

The Renewal Point puts you in control of how you age by guiding you through a full 12 month “whole health makeover” as you discover the power and importance of getting ahead of the factors that influence health – rather than simply responding to their breakdown.

Invite The Renewal Point’s team of experts to guide you through a “whole-health makeover”! Led by Dr. Dan Watts, The Renewal Point Age Management Team works closely with you for a full year as they assess and monitor Dr. Watts’ 10 Longevity Bio-factors – the essential categories of health that most impact how your body ages.

The 10 Longevity Biofactors…

The Renewal Point Age Management Program focuses on ten, critical “Longevity Bio-Factors” that turn your age management journey into a refreshing discovery of new health and perspective.                       

Hormone Balance

Hormone Balance, as it turns out, is the most critical component to overall health and quality of life. With a skilled approach to testing, and treatment with bio-identical hormones, your hormones can be placed in balance to support every gland and function critical to health.

Physical Conditioning

Physical conditioning is more than a health club membership.  Considering your body composition, strength, flexibility, bone strength, aerobic capacity and muscle and joint health a proper and – most importantly – doable program can be designed into your life routine.

Nutritional Health

Did you eat your vegetables today? Sure, everyone knows that diet is a key to good health, but how do you know if your balance supports your unique metabolism—or whether or not you have a nutritional deficiency or sensitivity to any of your favorite foods and the implications they may be having on your long term health? The only way to know for sure is with proper testing and expert guidance.


Frightening but true: over seven billion pounds of toxins are released into the environment every year…and are filtered through or contained in our bodies!  The source of many known diseases, toxicity can be limited or eliminated with proper guidance and a natural approach.

Healthy Immune System

Vulnerability to infection, cancer and other diseases related to our Immune System. Assuring its strength and function makes the difference between spending the last 20 years of life at the doctor’s office…or having fun with the grand kids.

Metabolic Health and Efficiency

How effectively our bodies process nutrients connects directly to our immune system, maintaining a healthy weight balance and overall well-being.

Cardiopulmonary Health

Still an uncomfortable truth: Heart Disease is the number one killer in America. More frightening is that most heart attacks and strokes come without warning symptoms. Good news? Most heart attacks don’t need to happen with proper, early detection.

Neurological Health

A sharp mind is usually not associated with aging – but it can be.  With proper testing and focus on neurotransmitter balance, brain function can be maintained and even restored as we age. 

Skin Health

Easily overlooked as a “total health” remedy, tending to skin health can prove a powerful and simple remedy to symptoms of aging.  Besides, who doesn’t like to improve the mirror’s reflection?   

Medical Wellness

And good “old fashioned” medical treatment is an age management key as well. Just be sure your medical solutions are treating the cause, not just the symptoms.There is a big difference between knowing what to do and acting on what you know…and in the matter of health and longevity, action can save your life.