“Unnecessary?” I wondered as I tried to understand exactly what my patient’s Internist was referring to.

“The bioidentical hormones that Dr. Watts prescribed for you are unnecessary for life.” Gloria’s primary care physician had further explained and then questioned, “Why take them?”

Now I understood. Most doctors are not taught about bioidentical hormones in medical school, so rather than allow Gloria to get in the middle of a medical controversary, I spoke with her Internist directly.

“Do you have any patient Gloria’s age in as good condition as she is?”

“I do not,” her doctor replied. “Gloria is the example of health for all my other patients.”

Gloria, an 83-year-old mother and grandmother was in peak health mentally, physically and emotionally. She wakes up after 8 hours sleep every day to walk her dogs. After breakfast, she exercises with her personal trainer for an hour. In the afternoon, she runs production with a family business and has a strong political calendar. In the evenings, she is active socially and spends time with her family. She takes no medication; her muscles and bones are equal to that of a 35-year-old woman and her brain function and active lifestyle are that of a much younger person.

“She may be one example,” Gloria’s Internist said. “So, what do the medical journals say about bioidentical hormones? Are there risks?”

I explained, “Bioidentical hormones have been found to be much safer than their pharmaceutical counterparts, but are not regulated by the FDA because they are natural and non-patentable, just as the FDA does not regulate oranges and apples.” As for the medical literature: (1)

Quality of Life

Senior men and women in bioidentical hormone programs such as Gloria’s consistently notice improvements in: (2)

  • Energy….88%
  • Facial appearance….55%
  • Memory….59%
  • Skin tone….55%
  • Athletic performance….68%
  • Strength….73%
  • Pain relief….35%
  • Body fat….68%
  • Better sleep….50%
  • Lean muscle….73%
  • Sense of health….70%
  • Libido….83%
  • Frequent illness….53%
  • Sexual performance….60%

Medical Benefits:

  • Alzheimer’s decrease – 50% (3)
  • Cardiovascular risk decrease – 40% (4)
  • Decrease in Osteoporosis (5)
  • No increased risk for breast cancer (6)
  • No increased risk coagulation/thromboembolism (7)

It’s no wonder that so many people are turning to bio-identical hormones!In terms of whether it’s necessary or not, it depends on what your goals are ~ if your goals contain some of the items in the lists of benefits above, then it’s probably something you’ll want to consider.

Dr. Watts, MD, ND, MSNM is an expert in Bio-identical Hormone Balancing.  With over 25 years experience in hormone balancing, a Board Certification in Integrative Medicine, a Post-doctoral Certification in Metabolic Endocrinology, and a Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine, Dr. Watts has put together a Hormone Balancing Program that has helped thousands of patients renew their love and vigor for life.


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