By Ashlee Hutchens, RN, MPH

Lynn B. was at her wits’ end and about to “throw in the towel” when a friend recommended her to The Renewal Point. A 55-year-old mother of one and long-time resident of Sarasota, Lynn was doing fine until menopause and thyroid imbalances disrupted her life. “I was exhausted during the day, then couldn’t sleep at night. I was depressed as well from having gained a ton of weight. A complete loss of sexual desire and painful sex had put a dent in my loving relationship with my husband. I had seen several doctors for hormone imbalance, trying different pills, patches, and creams to no avail. They were unable to regulate my hormones.”

“Thanks to a long-term friend who referred me to Dr. Dan Watts and Helena Williams, Nurse Practitioner, at The Renewal Point, I have now been a patient for over eight years and cannot believe what a difference it has made in my relationship with my husband. I feel like I have set the clock back years! (My husband loves it too) 😉 There is nothing like looking and feeling great! I even sleep better.”

What happened to Lynn?

Hormones are incredible chemical messengers in our body that affect everything – our brain, heart, bones, muscles, skin and sexuality.  An essential part of the workings of every cell in the human body, hormones work best when balanced.  Unfortunately, as you age, it’s inevitable as clock-work; your hormones will fall.  And when hormones do fall, you feel sluggish, moody, gain weight (even if you are exercising and eating right).  It can also impair your memory and libido–among other things.  Simply put, hormonal imbalances keep you from feeling like yourself.

What to do?

Here’s the good news!  When hormones are rebalanced back to more youthful levels, you can regain your sexual vitality, sleep better, have more energy, and just feel better.

If you are experiencing any of the symptoms below, it may be time to seek medical help concerning your hormonal balance.

Hot Flashes                                     Night sweats                       Bloating

Weight Gain                                     Muscle Loss                       Forgetfulness

Fatigue                                             Insomnia                            Vaginal Dryness

Mood Swings                                   Depression                         Painful Intercourse

Anxiety                                             Irritability                             Osteoporosis

Difficulty Concentrating                    Irregular Periods                 Low Energy

Low Sex Drive                                  Aging Skin                          Foggy Thinking


Where can you find a certified expert in hormone balancing?

With over 30 years of experience and numerous board certifications and credentials, Dr. Watts, MD, ND, MSNM and Helena Williams, ARNP, MS are experts in the Science and Art of Integrative Medicine and Bio-identical Hormone Balancing.  Hormones are an essential component of almost every cell and every major function of our body. Balance is critical and, when achieved, can bring about remarkable improvements in many aspects of life. Due to the sensitive nature of hormone balancing, it is imperative that you work in partnership with an experienced provider and program.

With the expertise of Dr. Watts and Helena Williams, an individual hormone management program is created for each patient.  As hormone balancing is both an art and science, it requires individualized therapy and ongoing dosing changes based not only on a patient’s diagnostic lab values, but also their symptoms.

At The Renewal Point, they believe “you can spend the rest of your life discovering new levels of vitality and vigor – not simply trying to rescue what’s left.”

To learn more, come to an upcoming seminar (RSVP), visit the website at, and/or call 941-926-4905.