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Human Longevity – Is Aging Simply a...

As we all know, we live in a city dominated by senior citizens. Although the story that follows may sound commonplace, the point of this article is that it should not be so. A Cute Elderly Couple As I pulled my car into our local grocery store parking lot recently, […]
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The Problem With Back Pain

Throughout my childhood, I was fortunate to have two of the most wonderful grandmothers in the world. Sadly, beginning in early middle-age, both suffered from back pain: deformities caused by scoliosis, degenerative discs and osteoporosis. Their last fifteen years were hampered by a poor quality of life until they were […]
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A Must Read…If You Eat Food, Breathe...

By now, common knowledge says that toxins are extremely dangerous to our health. But, less considered are the potentially dangerous chemicals that can be found in every room in your home. And…, according to a recent report by Cleveland Clinic, “If not properly stored or used, these products could cause […]
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5 Brain Tests You Must Know About

A Hopeful Solution to a ‘Grim Reaper’ “It is impossible to escape the grim news about Alzheimer’s disease,” so says Dr. Dale Bredesen, The End of Alzheimer’s. “There is no reliable way to prevent it, and the disease has for decades beaten the world’s best neuroscientists. Despite the billions and […]
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Coming Off...

At The Renewal Point, we have been inundated with patients trying to wean off psychotropic medication. We know it can be a frustrating endeavor. Consider the difficulty Ms. Robin H. encountered. (Taken from a story that recently appeared in the New York Times.) Robin, a 54-year-old mother of four who […]
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Bioidentical Hormones –...

“Unnecessary?” I wondered as I tried to understand exactly what my patient’s Internist was referring to. “The bioidentical hormones that Dr. Watts prescribed for you are unnecessary for life.” Gloria’s primary care physician had further explained and then questioned, “Why take them?” Now I understood. Most doctors are not taught […]
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Has Sex Left Your Relationship? Why...

Why your sex life matters and what you can do about it! Consider this common scenario… A 61 year old patient expresses concern about “mild vaginal dryness but nothing that bothers me.  What bothers me is that I’m not able to have an orgasm and it is frustrating to me […]
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Environmental Toxins: The Elephant in...

Doctors report shocking increase in cases of toxic exposure. Here’s why and how to keep these nasty culprits from wrecking your health. As author Chris Kresser writes, “Toxins from our environment are ubiquitous and almost impossible to avoid. But, if you are taking steps to limit your exposure, should you […]
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Toxins in the Brain Equals Danger!

“Cognitive decline is largely a matter of three fundamental threats to our brain”: So says Dr. Dale Bredesen in his best-selling book, The End of Alzheimer’s. 1. Inflammation 2. Shortage of brain boosting nutrients such as natural hormones 3. Toxins To further emphasize the importance of this, the NIH website […]
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Lose Weight Without Exercise or Calorie...

 A must-read breakthrough… Sounds too good to be true, but that is exactly what researchers at the medical center of the esteemed University degli Studi, Naples, Italy, found and reported this year in a large, peer reviewed study. “In a woman’s life, menopause is characterized by significant physiological changes often […]
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Tummy Troubles

Stomach cramps, bloating, gas, constipation, diarrhea, or anything else for that matter? You don’t need to suffer in silence! Dealing with tummy troubles can be a painful, stressful, even embarrassing ordeal for a lot of people, yet people don’t actually realize just how common these digestive issues are. In terms […]
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CKC Fitness: Strength and Conditioning...

Are you looking to… Get your game back? Get your figure back? Gain balance, stability, and joint health? Recover from injury? Get relief from back, neck, and shoulder pain? Increase good cholesterol and cardiorespiratory fitness? Improve physical performance (golf, sports competition, etc)? If you answered yes to ANY ONE of […]
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