Haven’t started your New Year’s Resolution yet?  No worries!  This article is for you 😊 

First, you’re not alone.  Second, research shows that taking your time can even work to your advantage…

When it comes to Behavior Modification, which is ultimately what most people do when they embark upon a New Year’s Resolution, working through the Stages of Change can produce more long-lasting results than diving in headfirst.  Here’s an overview of The Stages of Change:

  1. Pre-contemplation Stage – People in this stage are not thinking about taking any action so, in terms of the behavior that you are looking to change for 2022, we can skip to the Contemplation stage.
  2. Contemplation: If you are intending to start the behavior within the next 6 months, this is the stage you are in.  In this stage you are weighing the pros and cons of changing the behavior, and the pros are beginning to outweigh the cons.
  3. Preparation: This is most likely the stage you are in if you are thinking of taking action within about 30 days.  In this stage you are asking for advice and probably doing some research on the internet to figure out next steps.  You might even be taking some small steps in the behavior change itself.
  4. Action: This is the stage people are in when they have recently (within the last 6 months) taken action and plan to continue to do so.  
  5. Maintenance: When you’ve been doing the behavior/action for more than 6 months, and/or have reached your goal, you are now in the Maintenance Stage of Change.  The behavior is now a part of your lifestyle and has become a habit. 

So… if you haven’t started (or even thought of) your New Year’s Resolution yet, our suggestion is to look at it as more of a Spring Renewal.  In Chinese Medicine, the Spring Equinox, which follows the Chinese New Year, is the time for growth and change.  If you are person who likes to have a particular date in mind…look towards the week of March 13th-March 20th. 

March 13th is when the time changes and March 20th marks the beginning of Spring. So, any time within this week would be great!  For those choosing to start or restart an exercise program, that time change can be particularly handy.

Whatever your behavior change might be, we are here for you and happy to answer any questions you might have! 


Dr. Watts and The Renewal Point Team