We are talking UTIs, yeast infections, dryness, low libido hormone imbalances…the list goes on and on.

Recurring gynecological problems aren’t just a bother…they can really get in the way of leading a happy, healthy, productive life.  In fact, gynecological issues can contribute to emotional trouble, relationship/intimacy problems, and physical issues (for example, yeast infections and UTIs don’t mix well with exercise).

While almost all women deal with some sort of gynecological issue during their lifetime, the problems really start to get in the way when they are recurring.  While getting rid of the symptoms can help in the short term, treating the cause of the problem at the source is imperative for long term success…

Enter… Integrative Gynecological Care

Let’s see how Integrative Gynecological Care helped L.B.

A 68 year old mother of two and grandmother came to our office after 2 years of having chronic yellow vaginal discharge.  During those 2 years she had been seen and treated by several different providers with no success. After an exam and consultation, it was evident that she had also been dealing with recurring urinary tract infections, painful intercourse, vaginal dryness (which was masked by the discharge),  group b strep, and vaginal atrophy from a hormone imbalance. The significant vaginal atrophy was the contributing factor to the recurrent UTI infections.  A multifaceted, integrative approach was taken…one month of daily compounded vaginal suppositories with specific antibiotics, vaginal estrogen, and topical steroids…to address all the issues.  At her 6 week follow up, the patient was delighted that all the symptoms were gone and she was pleasantly enjoying intimacy with her spouse after 2 years.  A future plan of care included vaginal probiotics to keep normal flora present, as well as a list of preventive vaginal health routines.

In this case above, the patient came to me after seeing several other providers.  However, many times we work together with a patient’s current provider to come up with the best long term solution.  We are here to help and we aim to do whatever is best for your situation!

At The Renewal Point, we provide Integrative Gynecology in a private, comfortable environment with time to address any concerns from various angles.  While we provide the standard GYN testing, and assessments, we can also address any concerns about other areas of health – emotional, physical, mental health concerns. 

If you are interested in learning more about our services or how we can address your specific issues, we encourage you to call us at 941-96-4905, visit our website at therenewalpoint.com, email us at [email protected], or come to our upcoming seminar! 

Written By: Helena Williams, ARNP, MS – Advanced Nurse Practitioner