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Bio-identical Hormone Balancing

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Bio-identical Hormone Balancing

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Your body's hormones- produced in various glands of your body - act as "messengers", sending signals to your cells to function, grow, regulate, or balance important body processes. Almost all of these hormones diminish during the course of life. As they fall, they cause signs and symptoms of aging.
Your hormones are as different and as unique as your fingerprint. We are able to measure those differences in blood, saliva, or urine tests to detect where problems exist and then balance them with bio-identical hormones.
We use bio-identical hormones rather than synthetic hormones because synthetics are typically patented chemicals, many of which are known to have side effects that can include increased risk of cancer. Bio-identical hormones are identical to the body’s naturally produced hormones.
Correcting the hormone imbalance can retrain your body to function at a higher level. Hormone balance is known to improve energy, sleep, sexuality, endurance, bone strength, joint health, and mental focus.

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Bio-identical Hormone Balancing

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