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Upcoming articles and more from our clinical experts!

Weight Loss And Stress –...

If you have ever had trouble falling asleep and tuned into late night television to distract yourself from the mind spin that can so often occur, you are probably all too familiar with infomercials about Cortisol. As it is commonly and rightly called the “death hormone” or the “fat hormone”, […]
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More Powerful Than a Locomotive

You have the power to shape your body for better health. Take the first step in achieving healthy body composition. With fifty million Americans on diets at any time, one would think that we would have arrived at the ultimate solution for weight control by now. But the often-claimed, “simple formula” […]
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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement...

As a result of Oprah’s one week series dedicated to BHRT, (aka Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy), The Renewal Point has had a deluge of interest in the topic. Women and men are asking, “What are they” and “Are they for me?” This isn’t the first time BHRT has achieved star […]
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Age Management

The Renewal Point Age Management Program focuses on a scientific and integrated approach to slow down, reverse and even stop many of the signs and symptoms of aging. While we can’t actually eliminate the process of aging, we can certainly optimize the quality and longevity of life. How we age […]
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Chelation Therapy

The air we breathe and the water we drink isn’t pure anymore; the food we eat is not as nutritious and there are pesticides and chemicals everywhere. These destructive agents load up in our body in the form of toxic metals and other harmful chemicals that simply cannot be shed […]
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Natural Vitamins, Nutritional Health...

Vitamins and supplements are necessary today more than ever because our food contains fewer nutrients, our environment is more toxic and almost all Americans have nutritional deficiencies as a result of poor or insufficient eating habits. Men and women who routinely take supplements live 6-8 years longer, and healthier!   […]
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Hormones, For Women AND Men

WHY DO I NEED HORMONE TESTING? One-size does not fit all when it comes to hormones! For decades, the traditional approach has been to prescribe HRT as if everyone needs the same type of hormone therapy and in the same amounts. Nothing could be further from the truth. Your hormones […]
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Why Can't You Lose Weight?

It’s not a secret any longer; struggle with weight loss is uncomfortably common. Diet books, magazine articles, declarations from our government, informercials – they are all screaming that we have a problem… as though we didn’t already know. And if you are like most that are uncomfortable with the dress […]
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You Say “Diet!” – Your Body Says...

High school biology taught us that fat was just a type of tissue in our body, dead weight we have to carry along for the ride. Some of us have more, some less. But recent discoveries show that fat cells are more than that, actually communicating with our body’s network […]
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Medical Aesthetic and Skin Care...

You may remember Junior High Science class. They taught us that “your skin is the largest organ in your body”. And we thought “wow” … and perhaps never gave it another thought. But if your skin really is your largest organ, might it also be your most important? Your Skin […]
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Anti-Aging and Age Management Program

There’s More to LIFE…and here’s how to find it… Visualize your life in 10 years or 20…or 30. Are you more or less active? More or less involved with your kids or grand kids? Are you starting new projects, meeting new people, advancing a career or starting a new one… […]
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Nutritional Metabolic Weight Loss...

…Your Last Stop! If you have experienced the frustrating roller coaster of “gain-lose-gain again” diet programs and continue to struggle with maintaining a healthy weight – The Renewal Point Metabolic Weight Loss Program will be your last stop! Through years of careful study and remarkable success in helping his patients […]
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